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  • Added ability to duplicate events Event Index Event Details Special thanks to Neil (ns139426) for sharing this nice gist, to duplicate Nova resources.

  • Fixed exception while creating attendances at the backend.

  • Added ability to manage contents via markdown Markdown Content (E.g. /lerntraining)

  • Fixed active menu item not being marked as active

vor 1 Jahr

  • Added mailable "AttendancePlaced" to be sent out on event attendance form submission. Modal orientation

vor 1 Jahr

  • Added keyboard event listeners for modals.
    • ESC will now dismiss the modal window if no changes has been done.
    • ESC will toggle the confirmation modal window if changes has been done before.
      • Enter will dismiss the modal window while in confirmation state.
    • Enter will submit the event attendance form if changes has been done before and while not in confirmation state.
  • Added ability to dismiss a modal window on outside click if no changes has been done.
  • Changed the orientation of the modal window to "align-bottom" for mobile devices.
  • Changed the orientation of the modal actions to "justify-end" for mobile devices.
  • Changed the sequence of the modal actions for mobile devices.
  • Fixed price position for mobile devices. Modal orientation (Mobile View)

vor 1 Jahr

  • Fixed title padding in case of no caption

    Fix title padding #1 Fix title padding #2
  • Added ability to maintain changelog contents for authenticated users only.

  • Added Changelog.

  • Added backend link to User Navigation, for authenticated users. User Navigation for authenticated users

  • Added changelog route to User Navigation.

  • Added authentication route to User Navigation, for unauthenticated users. User Navigation for guests

  • Added User Navigation.

vor 1 Jahr

  • Release  🎉

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